AMR Helps Create Success at CES!

Posted by Keith Walker | Event Support

When it comes to our consumer electronics clients, AMR understands the importance of the CES show, which kicks off the start of each new year in Las Vegas. With over 170,000 attendees, it's one of the largest trade shows in the world offering a key opportunity for exhibitors to present their brand and products to customers, media, analysts, industry experts, and frankly, a global marketplace. Magellen KioskIn short, CES has become crucial to the overall success of many tech businesses. This year, we're proud to have supported three of our consumer electronics clients at the show.

Magellan. A comprehensive solution.

Magellen HolagramOne of our newest clients, Magellan, sought to increase their presence at CES from previous years. With a larger 250 square foot booth in mind, they needed a comprehensive creative theme that was both compelling and informative. AMR developed all the messaging and visual elements throughout the booth, including the large format and wall graphics. We also added a video timeline highlighting the company's 30-year anniversary incorporating industry-first milestones. To heighten interest and draw in foot traffic, we produced an innovative 3D hologram showcasing Magellan products in a variety of lifestyle scenarios. The results were spectacular for stopping and attracting scores of passersby. Overall, the booth was a great success for Magellan enabling the company to use the show as a launching pad into a successful 2017.

D-Link POP

D-Link. A challenging deadline.

Another client, D-Link, needed to demo the mockup of a full-size 'point-of-purchase display' to a key retailer they were meeting at the show. Although the turnaround requirements were challenging, particularly during the holiday season, we created and delivered the display in plenty of time for them to review the solutions and prepare for their meeting. The result was a successful engagement for D-Link.

Toshiba Banners

Toshiba. A unique presentation.

Lastly, our longest tenured client, Toshiba, needed a tabletop visual display solution to support their retail storage products showcased in their product suite. Since there was limited space available, we suggested and produced a series of mini-tabletop pull-up banners that served the purpose perfectly.

Conclusion, three happy clients with three successful outcomes from the CES show!